Virtue blir bok!

Virtue blir bok!

juni 30, 2016 - 13:15

Just nu skriver vi på ett kapitel i boken “Exemplary Practices in Marine Science Education - A Resource for Practitioners and Researchers” (Springer förlag).

Boken ges ut under 2017!

Läs mer om varför boken ges ut:

Purpose of the Book: to inform, inspire, and provide an intellectual forum for practitioners and researchers in this particular context. Proposed subject areas include sections on marine science education in formal, informal and community settings.

Primary Audience: Marine science education practitioners (e.g., formal and informal educators) and researchers (both education and science). The book will contribute to a global conversation about marine education, and allow practitioners in the field to learn of the successes of colleagues near and far, and to share research and evaluation data, mediating the gap in published literature in this field.