Get started with Virtue

Get started with Virtue

VIRTUE has until recently been a school project primarily for Swedish pupils, but will between 2017 - 2020 be developed VIRTUE as a resource for European schools. New languages will be German, Spanish and Catalan. 

The basic idea is simple: A number of CD-shaped discs are mounted on a rack and placed in different underwater environments during different seasons.

Analysing the build-up of organisms on discs ("fouling") and registering the findings in a database or on paper enables the students to compare and discuss their results.

Sign up for Virtue at Schools outside Sweden are also welcome to join Virtue, but the possibility to order rack kits is limited. But it is easy to build your own racks! Just follow the instruction on how to build a rack in the Virtue introduction or see the film to the right.

All schools can share their results with others using the site It is basically a way to make the results available for other schools, and compare results over time. But you can also use the report form on paper.