About Virtue

About Virtue

Virtue is a school project aimed at stimulating an interest in science among students and also to contribute to further development of teachers. Virtue is a collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and the Maritime Museum & Aquarium in Gothenburg, and is aimed primarily at students and teachers in schools.

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What is the purpose of VIRTUEDATA?

Virtuedata is Virtue’s reporting site. Here teachers and students can report their findings, blog about their results and discuss issues with other users. There is also a map on the site, where users can see the locations where other users have placed their Virtue racks.

Why only marine species?

The University of Gothenburg has a marine profile and is primarily engaged in marine education and research. Since autumn 2017 Swedish freshwater species are represented in VIRTUEDATA and can be reported, but are not yet present in the English version of VIRTUEDATA. In the meantime, you can always blog about your results!

In 2017 VIRTUE was granted 310 00 euro from Erasmus+ to improve VIRTUE.
From the evaluation: " ... this project will greatly increase the scope and depth of the digital age tools available for the science learning using ocean-based samples. It will produce innovative actions that will be able to induce critical thinking in teachers as well as in students and develop social competences among the pupils. The transnational dimension clearly adds value in terms of project outcomes such as a platform for expanding classroom pedagogy to include models of project-based science. Additionally, the transnational aspect brings added value not only in that intellectual outputs will be produced in several languages, but that users of the VIRTUE-s platform will be able to contribute and access data/results from all over the world. This project will likely be able to effectively realize the synergies between research/higher education and upper secondary education."

The new project, named VIRTUE-s, have partners from four countries, University of Gothenburg in Sweden (with Department for Biology and Environmental Sciences as coordinator), GEOMAR in Kiel, SUBMON in Barcelona, Spain, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in Baltimore, USA and University West, Sweden - together with the school partners Öckerö Seglande Gymnasium, Sweden, Hebbelschule in Kiel, Germany and Fundació Escoles Garbí in Barcelona, Spain.

The basic idea is simple: a number of CDs are mounted on a rack and placed in different underwater environments during different seasons. Analysing the growth of organisms on discs and registering the findings in a database or on paper enables the students to compare and discuss their results. Virtue provides ample opportunity to take an investigative approach to one's work; practise in setting up experiments; carry out measurements in the field, classroom or laboratory; interpret and report on the results.

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Animals on Virtue discs

A Virtuerack placed in a small harbour (during one summer) in the west coast of Sweden.